Yelo Cafe & Trigg dog beach

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As a dog lover I am always trying to find ways to incorporate my pooch into my plans, and a trip to Yelo Cafe and Trigg beach is one of my favourite ventures out with Mimi.

Yelo is a cutesy, casual little café right so close to Trigg beach that you can smell the salt and feel the sea breeze whipping through your hair as you enjoy your meal. They offer delicious coffee, snacks, fresh gourmet food and juices to have there or to takeaway. They also have some take home organic foods and they also stock some books, surfboads, dvds and music. It is an eclectic looking shop that gives off a chilled-out-hippyish-vibe. It is hard to suppress a smile as you walk in the door. Perhaps this is because you have to dodge your way past people and tied up dogs happily waiting outside. There is just a nice feel to the place.

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The staff are super nice which is such a great change from the slack customer service that seems to be so common now. The staff members seem happy, and they have a lot of energy. A nice touch was that instead of just giving you a number for your order, they would take your name and call it when the time came. But rather than just say ‘Bob’, they courteously call ‘Thanks Bob’. Such a simple gesture but so sweet. The coffee and food is delightful too, so you are pretty happy when they call your name and you know that you are only seconds away from biting into something fabulous.

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Honestly, the roasted veggie Turkish roll was quite simply the best that I have ever had (and I have had a lot of these over the years). It had baby spinach, roasted capsicum, sweet potato, beetroot, some sort of cheese (haloumi I think) and some yummy sauce. It was hot and crunchy and so, so tasty. It was a perfect combination of flavours. I wanted to go back the next day to have another one because I couldn’t stop thinking about it… it was that good. My companion had the salmon bagel and thoroughly enjoyed that too.

Yelo is fantastic. The view is incredible as the beach is literally across the road. We did have to fight for seats. Well, not actually fight, we had to hang around awkwardly and wait for someone to finish up and leave so that we could jump into their warm seats before someone beat us to it. Even the toilets are great, I mean, who doesn’t want to look at a shower cubicle filled to the brim with plants as they pee? The staff are great, the food even greater, and the vibe is so relaxing.

I give this cafe a 4/5.

Also, the dog beach is literally across the road. It is only small, but it is cool because it is kind of shut in by rocks or stairs so the dogs can’t run away. There are always loads of dogs there and they have a great play.

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