Wassup Dog

January 29, 2017 , In: Restaurant/Cafe Review , With: No Comments

113 Royal St, East Perth

“What do you picture when you think of hotdogs? Is it a classic New York, red-skinned wiener full of snouts and buttholes?” – You know that you are on to a good thing when the description on the company webpage says that lol. My friend and I always joke about these weird meat products being lips and assholes, which provokes some disgusting imagery! So we aren’t interested in lips and assholes… but we also aren’t interested in any form of meat, so most of the menu doesn’t apply; HOWEVER, there is an awesome special on every Tuesday which is ‘Vegan Tuesday’. Woo hoo. I have only been once as I play netball every Tuesday, but my besties go every week and there is some new creative invention each week.

The week that I went was a vegan sausage, with grilled zucchini, gravy and some sort of creamy/cheesy mixture. I don’t even know how to describe it but it was fantastic, and those hand-cut chips are next level! I might need to have the occasional night off netball just to go back and try out another gourmet vegan hot dog. Wassup? I’ll tell you what’s up – deliciousness.


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