Prime Mazedar Mix Vegetable Cutlets

January 22, 2017 , In: Ready-to-go vegan products , With: No Comments

Protein: 2.64gm

Fibre: 3.8gm

Calories: 238

Cooking instructions

Cook from frozen in a frying pan.


I can’t think of anything…


  • They fall apart.
  • They don’t seem like they would be good for you.
  • They contain coriander (I know a lot of people don’t like this!)
  • They are quite spicy (contain black pepper and green chilli) – this could be a pro… but I found that they were too hot for my taste…


These little patties allegedly contain potato, carrot, green peas and coriander. They defo have mashed potato and little carrot cubes, but I didn’t see any peas. They tasted like they would have way more fat that what the nutritional content label tells me… They are made in Pakistan so perhaps something was lost in translation? I didn’t enjoy the flavour of these. I would not buy these again.

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