Swan Valley Vegetarian Cafe

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Well, if you are a vegetarian and you don’t like veggie burgers then you are shit out of luck because they are the token vegetarian meal on a typical menu. I have eaten a lot in my time – so I figured that I might as well talk about the best and worst veggie burgers around Perth. I hope that you are all aware of the I-can-has-cheezburger? cat and didn’t just think that my grammar and spelling was atrocious. Here he is:


Man he is cute. Look at his fat little head.

Okay so the first veggie burger that I will be reviewing is from the Swan Valley Vegetarian Cafe –  a place where your vegetarian, vegan, raw, coeliac, gluten and dairy free dietary requirements can be met. Not a meat patty in sight.

So it is a spiced quinoa, chickpea, chia & veg patty with salad, cashew aioli, caramelised onion served with garden salad and tomato or chilli chutney ($18.70 – that is a very specific price…)


It really was as good as it looks in that picture. My only qualms were that the bread roll was a bit dry and the chutney was a little runny. I also would have liked a bit more of the cashew cream. The patty was delicious and so filling that I barely fit the last bite in. The salad was simple but what you want in a burger. The salad on the side was pretty plain too, but the dressing was flavoursome. I have to say that I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t served with hand cut chips or wedges but deep down I was thankful… well my waistline was anyway. The meal would have had way less calories than your usual veggie burger deal.

I am going to give this burger 3/5

I would absolutely go back here because I am going to support venues that support ethical eating. Plus the outdoor dining section is too cute. I love the secret garden vibe that the cafe has going on.

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