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1 James Street,Bassendean

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I read an article on The Urban List that informed me about the best places in Perth to get an almond milk coffee. The new and shiny Holly Raye’s in Bassendean was on that list, so I had to check it out for myself since it was so close to home. Yep, I gotta say that I totes agree – the coffee is amazeballs. The beans are from an independent coffee roaster based in Perth, Micrology, and the almond milk is from The Pure Press, which means that it is made with real whole almonds and it has no added sugar, preservatives or additives. I got an almond milk flat white ($4.50) and it was hot, creamy and strong. Just how coffee should be. My mate got a watermelon juice, which I believe was $7.50 and was a nice large serve.

I wanted to go to Holly Raye’s for the coffee initially; however, it was the unusual vegetarian breakfast item that I saw on the menu online that had me really intrigued. ‘Breakfast guacamole, blackbeans, jalapeno cornbread ($18)’. Hell yes! FINALLY a cafe that isn’t afraid to do something different.

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It was probably the best breakfast that I have ever had, and that is a bloody big call. The cornbread was the perfect consistency – not too dense and not crumbly. The beans were tasty and the corn, avocado and herbs were so fresh. Everything worked so well together. The portion was generous and the retro plate was super-duper cute. My friend and I ordered the same thing so we had no food envy. We went halvsies in a potato stack side dish thingo ($4) which was delicious also.

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I am excited to go there just to have a coffee and cake sometime, as the cakes looked adorbs and a little birdy told me that the lady who bakes the cakes there used to work for Sherbet, and I am obsessed with the cakes at Sherbet. A little birdy told me that… but then it was confirmed in person when I met one of the lovely owners and her Mum (the baker) in the alleyway. She was cradling some limes and talking about how she planned to make them into a lime curd. I like the sound of that.

The service was awesome, the food was awesome and the beautiful artwork on the side of the building is colourful and vibrant. The crockery and cutlery is so pretty and such a nice touch. I wish that there were more outdoor tables (there are only 3) because I imagine that this is not going to be enough for the amount of people that are going to want to come here.

P.S – They welcome doggies but you obviously need to get one of the tables outside. Mia loved it, and she made a new friend. The lovely wait staff bought out a bowl of water for her and gave her some love… which she lapped up.

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