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Henry Saw

January 29, 2017 , In: Restaurant/Cafe Review , With: No Comments

Grand Lane, Perth (the laneway between Wellington St and Murray St)

I am so lucky to work 5 min away from this gem, which is hidden down the same lane as Toastface Grillah (on the Murray St end).

ALL of the food is vegan, so I can peruse everything and get super excited at all of the options. I’m pretty sure that I have tried all of the options now. There are heaps of beautiful baked pastry goods like sausage rolls, pies, and shepherds pie. There are awesome wraps and English muffins, and the salads are great. My fave salad is the carrot/zucchini noodle one with a cashew cream, but I am a huge fan of all of the salads that I have tried. The food is hearty and filling, and costs about $15 for a lunch which is so big that I end up getting a light dinner or arvo snack out of it too.

The staff are always chatty and lovely, and I have a lot of time for this place. At the moment Henry Saw is closed for renovations as they are moving further down Grand Lane. I am so excited to visit them again once they reopen so that I can see what they did with the space… and try out the new foods that they will have on offer.


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