Bayswater Riverside Gardens

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I am so blessed to live less than a 10 minute drive away from Bayswater/Maylands Riverside Gardens. I often refer to it is a dogs paradise because it has everything that they need – lots of space to run around, water to play in and loads and loads of other pups to play with.

There is a big kids playground, picnic areas with BBQs and random gym equipment scattered around the park. There are some lovely loops and trails that you can walk around on if you don’t just want to hang out at the water. There is also a cool little food truck called Cool Breeze Cafe, which I have reviewed in my Cafe/Restaurant section. It has everything that you need! I love asking friends to catch up with me there so that we can walk and talk, and my dog Mia gets what she wants too.


  • I recommend taking Milne drive all the way to the end and parking where everyone else parks (you will always be able to get a spot). Do not take Leake St and park at the end – apparently this is a regular hotspot for car break ins. I can personally vouch for that as my car got broken into… and I had invited my friends and their car got broken into too. Super frustrating.
  • Watch where you tread! I went yesterday and there were piles of poo everywhere. This is not normally the case but be careful.
  • Pay attention to the signage as dogs have to be on a lead when they are near the bird sanctuary. I think it is a $1000 fine if they get caught going in.


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